An editor for transcribing and marking up manuscript images

screenshot of Diplomat in use

Diplomat is a transcription editor which, as the above screenshot shows, avoids eyeskip errors by allowing you to type directly beneath each line in the manuscript image. Transcribed text may be exported as plain text or marked-up XML.



Installation and use

This is the initial version of Diplomat, which is freely available for anyone to try.  As one of the first to users, you will undoubtedly find bugs and other problems which I trust you will tell me about so that I can try to fix them as quickly as possible.  But I hope you will also tell me what would make Diplomat more useful for your projects, so you will be helping to guide Diplomat's further development.
If you have any difficulty installing or executing Diplomat, please let me know and I'll try to help.


This is a test version of Diplomat; please tell me if you have installed it so that I can advise you of updates and bug fixes as they become available, and so that I can consult you about ideas for future development.  I'm keen to hear anything you have to tell me about Diplomat and your experience using it — not only reports of bugs or other problems, but any comments about the program, the documentation, what's missing, what's superfluous … anything!

This page tells you how to start using Diplomat.  Try it, and let me know how you get on with it.


For questions, comments, requests for (or offers of!) help, or just to let me know that you're trying Diplomat, please email me at email address
23 November 2010